Clean Energy Development

For select clients and projects, Solventerra provides project development advisory services to assist in bringing your Clean Energy projects across the finish line. Solventerra's Clean Energy Development practice is pragmatic, built on demonstrated development, project management & commissioning experience. We can be a high value added part of your development team utilizing our robust, technology-enabled analysis platform that is efficient and effective. The following is a list of Solventerra Clean Energy Development Capabilities divided in phases of planning & Strategy; Development; and Project Implementation

Solventerra takes a developer-centric, results focused approach to contract development work. We provide rapid analysis and execution.

Solventerra’s value advantage lies in the experience and expertise of our team which includes the full range of Clean Energy development action: from project concept through commissioning. We maximize project value utilizing proprietary methods and means honed over three decades of experience. Solventerra’s team of clean energy experts have worked on the following projects:

We can tailor the Clean Energy Development Services to the client’s needs, from turnkey project development to owner’s representative work and a la carte development services.

Second, with decades of experience and expertise in facility energy efficiency, distributed generation and energy management, we understand that renewable energy is but one part of a complex energy equation. At the facility level, we work on both the supply as well as the demand sides of the energy equation to optimize performance for commercial, industrial and institutional property owners. Our on-site energy group will assist in facility based energy projects.

Contact us for a detailed sustainable energy evaluation Use our Rapid Assessment Tool to perform your own evaluation