About Solventerra

Solventerra is a Sustainable energy development company formed in 2009 to capitalize on the explosive growth in solar power and clean energy in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. Solventerra develops, owns and operates Solar Photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation facilities from 250 kilowatts (kW) to 20 Megawatts (MW) on leased rooftops and ground sites. We also offer renewable and clean energy development services, including all aspects of renewable energy development as well as energy conservation and efficiency projects.

Solventerra's Mission is to create meaningful and enduring economic and environmental value for the investors, clients, and communities we serve. We act on this mission by driving the development of cost-efficient clean energy projects and solutions that provide both strong investment performance and stable, secure, clean energy with positive environmental impact for generations to come.

At Solventerra, we believe that energy presents a defining challenge of the 21st century. We need more and more energy to power our increasingly complex world, but the way we currently take, make, use and waste energy is threatening our ecosystem. To meet this challenge we need to change the way we supply and demand energy. Doing so cost effectively in complicated. We help clients design energy action plans that put them on a path to energy and cost savings, and greater sustainability.

Solventerra is led by a team of sustainable energy professionals with over 80 years of experience in sustainable energy project development, management and finance.

Roger Freeman, Managing Principal

Managing Principal, Founder and CEO has 20+ years of executive and legal experience in the alternative energy sector. He co-founded and led Citizens Wind, a wind development business that developed and sold 225 MW of wind power assets and created a development portfolio of 1000+ MW of wind power projects. He is an expert in renewable and alternative energy business law and regulation.

Mary Jo Sisk, Principal

Principal and Co-Founder, has a decade of experience in commercial real estate, renewable energy and operations management. Mary Jo has overseen the acquisition of over $150 million in commercial real estate assets.

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