Solventerra Solar

Solventerra develops, owns, and operates solar energy projects in Massachusetts and across the country. Our development focus is on mid-scale solar photovoltaic facilities from 200 KW to 20 MW.

Our projects are typically located on either 5 or more acres of underutilized land or large commercial rooftops of at least 20,000 square feet. We offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), participating land leases, and other financing alternatives. We will work with land and building owners to customize our solar offering to meet their energy and economic objectives.

In addition to development and management of solar projects for our own account, Solventerra offers Renewable Energy Development and Clean Energy Advisory to assist land and building owners in implementing their own sustainability initiatives.

What makes your property a good candidate for solar?

Rooftop projects:
  • Commercial or institutional building ownership
  • In Investor-Owned Utility territory
  • 20,000 square feet of available roof space with normal rooftop equipment
  • Relatively new roof
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Land projects:
  • 5 – 35 acres of available land
  • In Investor-Owned Utility territory
  • Relatively flat or south sloping
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Contact us for a detailed sustainable energy evaluation Use our Rapid Assessment Tool to perform your own evaluation