Discover Your Solar Potential

Solventerra's Rapid Assessment Tool provides a fast estimate of the solar potential of your property. First, trace and mark the actual Project Area using the map widget. Second, we calculate your Solar Potential by taking area specific values for insolation (the amount of sun); system size; and estimated energy prices for your area. Third, your Solar Potential is then immediately displayed. To use the Rapid Assessment Tool:

  1. Enter your address and click “take me there” or simply zoom in on the project map to your property; mark whether it is a rooftop or ground site.
  2. Using the mouse, click one corner of the portion of your property for which you would like to explore the Solar Potential; trace a path around the Project Area, clicking to mark corners or changes in direction.
  3. See your Solar Potential displayed below.

For a more detailed analysis, contact us and we will send you a detailed assessment with more useful information about your Solar Potential.

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  • First, fill out the form to the left.
  • Alternatively, manually navigate to your property.
  • Click around the outside of your property.
  • Click and drag on a marker to reposition it.
  • Click a marker to delete it, or click Reset to delete all.

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Yearly Energy Value:
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