Solar for Land Owners

Your land is your asset. Solventerra can empower you to increase the value of your land while simultaneously reducing your operating costs, increasing your income, and preserving open space for generations to come. We lease land ranging in size from 3-35 acres for the purpose of developing mid-scale solar energy projects. But we don't just lease land, we customize our structure and development approach to meet Land Owners' needs and objectives.

Growth and preservation are often competing objectives in today's globally-integrated economy. Solar farms, however, are one place where these seemingly disparate goals go hand in hand. By providing more income per acre than many alternative farming or industrial uses, leasing a portion of your land can provide the income to ensure the preservation of the rest of your land well into the future. There are numerous benefits of Solventerra's solar energy farms:

Solventerra is committed to responsible and sustainable energy development. We work hard with our Land Owner Partners and their communities to understand their concerns and find solutions to meet their needs. We plan on being members of the communities in which our projects are located for a long time and, as such, our approach is guided by our corporate values of honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

Testimonial from a land-owning partner:

When Roger and Greg came to us at the orchard, we easily saw the benefits of letting them build a solar farm on ten acres we had already taken out of production. It's a great way to preserve our orchard, now in its 5th generation. They and the rest of the Solventerra team have done a great job permitting the project and being good neighbors in the community.
Louise Woodard
Brookfield Orchards
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