On Site Energy

Solventerra's On-Site Energy Group goes beyond solar to look at a broader spectrum of Clean Energy & Water opportunities for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Innovations in technology and information are enabling a new energy paradigm that is based on cleaner energy and optimized energy performance. With decades of experience improving facility energy performance, Solventerra's experts can rapidly assess the Clean Energy potential of your facility or portfolio. We then design high-value, best-in-class solutions for lighting, heating/cooling and water projects that can reduce your energy costs and improve your environmental performance.

Financial Performance and Environmental Performance

Solventerra On-Site Clean Energy projects are designed to have a payback of less than two years. You can purchase the Clean Energy Projects outright, or we can finance the projects with the savings generated over the life of the project. Contact us for a free Facility Energy Evaluation or use our Rapid Assessment Tools for solar power or LED lighting projects to get a sense of your potential for energy savings.

Optimizing Facility Energy Performance

Building owners and managers know that solar power and clean energy are partial solutions to an increasingly complex energy equation of supply and demand that must be managed and balanced to optimize facility energy performance. Optimizing energy performance means meeting the requirements of your facility for light, heat and water in ways that optimize not only energy costs, but also reducing environmental impacts, increasing sustainability, facility value and occupant productivity. New technologies and information systems are enabling a new energy paradigm that is based on cleaner energy and optimized energy performance.

At the facility level, Solventerra works on both the supply as well as the demand sides of the energy equation to accelerate the process of optimizing facility energy performance. While revolutionary change is possible, for most buildings and facilities, energy optimization is an evolutionary, iterative process that necessitates integrating new energy alternatives for supply and demand with existing legacy systems and arrangements.

Our On-Site Energy Group includes specialists in lighting, water, energy management and procurement. We have developed programs and services for optimizing energy performance though a systematic three step process that includes:

  1. Optimizing Facility Energy Demand and Management
  2. Exploring on-site supply alternatives
  3. Procuring Energy Supply
  4. Developing web-based information management systems to enable real time tracking and reporting of energy performance.

By improving the On-Site energy performance of your facility, you can improve your load profile and then optimize your outside energy procurement strategy to reduce overall energy costs. In competitive supply energy markets, we can assess, advise and provide energy procurement services to further reduce your energy costs.

Owner's Representative Services

For property owners and managers who know that they want a Clean Energy Project, but don't have the expertise or staff to do it in-house, Solventerra can act as your outsourced energy expert. Solventerra On-Site Clean Energy experts have decades experience representing owners implementing Clean Energy projects. We customize our involvement based on client needs and expectations. We bring our longstanding supply relationships to minimize equipment costs. For your clean energy projects, we can run the full process from concept, scoping, RFP/RFQ drafting and management, bid assessment and selection, project management and commissioning.

Contact us for a detailed sustainable energy evaluation Use our Rapid Assessment Tool to perform your own evaluation